Car demolition plant: car demolition parts and used spare parts
Our car dismantling plant sells inexpensively cars, cars' spare parts, tires and car equipment. 
Deliveries around the globe. We buy cars as well. Service since the year 1971! 
Our car demoliton plant is responsible for both motor vehicles' dismantling and recycling. 
We have demolition parts especially for Japanese and European cars.

Nurmon Autopurkaamo Oy

Nosturintie 2, 60550 NURMO, Finland
(see driving directions)

We buy crashed and out of order cars. We also accept demolition cars free of charge. Additional information on the recycling service page.

Service with 50 years of experience!

Our car dismantling plant operates in modern facilities where it is possible to get a wide range of services. In this task, we are assisted by our extensive contact network and the various spare parts information systems we use. In addition, our online store serves our customers around the clock.

The history of our car dismantling plant

Nurmon Autopurkaamo's roots go back to 1971 when it started its operations with cars, vans and trucks at VM-Kone's facilities in Seinäjoki. In 1985, the car dismantling plant moved to Koliini. With this change the company's name changed too to Nurmon Autopurkaamo. At that time, Autopurkaamo focused its operations on cars and vans. Current CEO Markus Pesonen started his duties in 1993.

Vehicle tire changer

Significant reforms took place between 1995 and 1999. The transport equipment was renewed so that it is possible to pick up crash cars from the province as well, no matter the condition they were in.


In 1996, the modernization of the facilities began with the construction of completely new customer service premises. A computer system was acquired, and today the spare parts are moving to the machine at an accelerating pace. The unloading side of the cars was renewed and included complete drainage arrangement for instance. Important for the customer service was the introduction of a warm installation space.

In 2006, a new warm hall space was acquired to make the dismantling of cars easier. At the same time, both more storage space and new social facilities for staff were obtained.

Hall 2

In 2011, we renewed our transport equipment by acquiring a tow truck with two cranes. Now we are able to pick up cars from even more difficult places.

Tow truck

Our online store

Since 2004, our spare parts have been able to be searched and ordered through an online store. For this reason, spare parts are marked with barcode labels with the most important information about the car part. Barcode labels speed up inventory processing and sales of parts.

Storage shelf
Labeled parts on a storage shelf

In 2013, the online store got updated with some new features, allowing orders to be collected into a "shopping cart" and paid fully including the shipping costs.

Future plans

As the car fleet renews, we aim to expand operations and dismantle more and more new equipment. Information technology is also becoming more involved in our operations and we believe it will further improve our customer service. Caring for the environment will continue in the future in even more diverse ways.