Car demolition plant: car demolition parts and used spare parts
Our car dismantling plant sells inexpensively cars, cars' spare parts, tires and car equipment. 
Deliveries around the globe. We buy cars as well. Service since the year 1971! 
Our car demoliton plant is responsible for both motor vehicles' dismantling and recycling. 
We have demolition parts especially for Japanese and European cars.

Nurmon Autopurkaamo Oy

Nosturintie 2, 60550 NURMO, Finland
(see driving directions)

We buy crashed and out of order cars. We also accept demolition cars free of charge. Additional information on the recycling service page.

Memberships and partnerships

Member of the Finnish Car Demolition Association

In 1998, Nurmon Autopurkaamo became a member of the Finnish Car Demolition Association. The association monitors developments in the field, for instance environmental issues and EU directives. Because of this we have implemented numerous measures to improve the protection of the environment for example.

A member of Finnish Car Recycling Ltd - receiving and removing cars from the register free of charge!

Nurmon Autopurkaamo is also an authorized reception point of Finnish Car Recycling Ltd. Finnish Car Recycling Ltd coordinates the reception, treatment and recycling of scrap cars in accordance with the requirements defined in the EU scrap vehicles Directive.

As we are a member of Finnish Car Recycling Ltd, the scrap car donor will be issued a scrapping certificate in which case the car will be transferred to the recycling system. The car is automatically removed from the register and the annual taxes end when the system sends information to the Vehicle Administration Center. Information is also sent to the insurance company for the termination of the insurance. Scrap car's removal from the register is free of charge for the last owner of the car.

Member of Akkukierrätysrengas - with us you can recycle lead-acid batteries for free!

We belong to Akkukierrätys Pb Oy's battery recycling network which receives lead-acid batteries free of charge. The lead-acid battery is identified by the Pb marking.

We temporarily store the batteries and take them to recycling facilities, where the products are converted into recyclable materials.

Stena Metalli Oy - partnership

Our partner, Stena Metalli Oy, is responsible for metal recycling. Stena Metalli Oy is one of the largest recycling companies in Finland. Stena has a network of service points which covers the whole of Finland. Stena also operates as an authorized recycling operator for all car brands in Finland.