Car demolition plant: car demolition parts and used spare parts
Our car dismantling plant sells inexpensively cars, cars' spare parts, tires and car equipment. 
Deliveries around the globe. We buy cars as well. Service since the year 1971! 
Our car demoliton plant is responsible for both motor vehicles' dismantling and recycling. 
We have demolition parts especially for Japanese and European cars.

Nurmon Autopurkaamo Oy

Nosturintie 2, 60550 NURMO, Finland
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We buy crashed and out of order cars. We also accept demolition cars free of charge. Additional information on the recycling service page.

Used car spare parts - Plenty of spare parts for different car brands!

NB: this page isn't fully complete (e.g. car browsing is missing). The whole page can be viewed here in Finnish.

Our stock contains thousands of car parts

We stock tens of thousands of used spare parts for cars and vans. The average age of the vehicles in our warehouse is about 10 years. We also have spare parts in our stock for some vehicles that are only a couple of years old or clearly more than 10 years old. The number of spare parts in the warehouse means more than a kilometer measured in shelf meters. The outdoor storage can hold a total of 300 vehicles.

Nurmon Autopurkamo - autonosia ulkovarastossa

Sell your car to us, we buy newer crash cars in cash. We also accept demolition trucks free of charge. Learn more about our recycling service.

We take care of the quality of the demolition parts and environmental protection

As a modern car dismantling plant, we recover car fluids (fuel, oils, brake fluids, air conditioner refrigerants, etc.) before storing the dismantling parts. The used car parts in this way remain in the best possible condition and no hazardous waste is released into the environment. Once the fluids have been removed, we disassemble, classify and label the car’s spare parts with barcode labels. This makes it easier to store and sell car dismantling parts.

With the help of the spare parts search system, the spare parts are visible to our customers in our online store.

Käytetyt auton varaosat: varastohyllyt ja viivakoodilaput

Wheels and rims

There is also a very large selection of used rims (approx. 3,000), including dozens of sets for newer cars. The rims can be found for 13-inch to 16-inch tires. We also offer tire installation services.