Car demolition plant: car demolition parts and used spare parts
Our car dismantling plant sells inexpensively cars, cars' spare parts, tires and car equipment. 
Deliveries around the globe. We buy cars as well. Service since the year 1971! 
Our car demoliton plant is responsible for both motor vehicles' dismantling and recycling. 
We have demolition parts especially for Japanese and European cars.

Nurmon Autopurkaamo Oy

Nosturintie 2, 60550 NURMO, Finland
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We buy crashed and out of order cars. We also accept demolition cars free of charge. Additional information on the recycling service page.

Car Recycling Service

In brief

Our car dismantling plant receives and handles end-of-life vehicles in accordance with the regulations. The cars have mainly been purchased from Finland (from individuals and insurance companies for example).

Car demolition hall 2
Car demolition hall

Once we have received your car, you will receive a certificate of scrapping and your car data will be transferred to a recycling system. That way the car is removed from the register and the annual taxes end when the Finnish Vehicle Administrationget gets the information. At the same time, information is sent to your insurance company to terminate your car insurance. After a car is sent for recycling it can not longer be re-registered.

Demolition cars coming from the insurance company's warehouse
Demolition cars coming from the insurance company's warehouse

Description of the recycling process

  • The customer notifies the reception point of the vehicle which needs to be scrapped, by e-mail.
  • The customer brings (not mandatory, speeds up transactions) a vehicle license or registration and an identity document. Please note that only the car owner has the right to scrap the car. If the car is taken for scrapping by someone other than the owner, there must be a power of attorney from the car owner. Print the power of attorney.
  • The customer brings the car to our reception point. If you are unable to import your car, we can arrange its retrieval. At the same time, handover documents are made.
  • Our collection point removes the vehicle from the vehicle register and the customer immediately receives a certificate of scrapping. Therefore, the customer does not have to separately notify the Vehicle Administration Center of the vehicle to be removed.
  • Recyclable and recoverable parts and hazardous waste are removed. The remaining scrap metal is sent to Stena Metalli Oy for further processing.

Partners, regulations and environmental protection

Did you know that the EU end-of-life vehicle directive requires that at least 95 % of the weight of the end-of-life vehicles to be reused or recovered? Learn more about recycling and recycling legislation.

Nurmon Autopurkaamo Oy is one of the organized car dismantling plants (a member of the Finnish Autopurkamoliitto r.y.) and we have environmental-, location- etc. permits in order, which also guarantees the re-use of spare parts in accordance with the EU directive and the Finnish Waste decree. Our car dismantling plant is also part of the nationwide battery recycling network. With us, you can recycle lead-acid batteries for free!

Hazardous waste is handled and stored in accordance with regulations. Therefore, the environmental impact is also minimized. In addition, our staff has several years of car recycling experience. Learn more about our environmental protection measures.