Car demolition plant: car demolition parts and used spare parts
Our car dismantling plant sells inexpensively cars, cars' spare parts, tires and car equipment. 
Deliveries around the globe. We buy cars as well. Service since the year 1971! 
Our car demoliton plant is responsible for both motor vehicles' dismantling and recycling. 
We have demolition parts especially for Japanese and European cars.

Nurmon Autopurkaamo Oy

Nosturintie 2, 60550 NURMO, Finland
(see driving directions)

We buy crashed and out of order cars. We also accept demolition cars free of charge. Additional information on the recycling service page.

Instructions for our online store

Here is how to order and pay in the online store:

  1. Select the car model and the spare part.
  2. Add the spare part to the shopping cart and place the order.
  3. We ship the products.

First of all, you need to choose the car brand. After that choose the right car and year model, the subgroup and the spare part. You can also search for spare parts using the car's registration number or the spare part's product number

Image 1: The search starts from the main menu by selecting the car manufacturer or entering the car registration number / part number

A couple of things to remember:

  • Spare parts in stock are marked as blue and missing parts in italic font.
  • Click on the spare part photo or the show all information link to get more detailed information about the spare part.

At the moment, 2/3 of our spare parts can be found through the online store. If the spare part that you are looking for cannot be found, you can browse our car models or ask our customer service for help.

If you make an inquiry about a spare part, please remember to provide the stock number found in the spare part information (see the image 2 below). This way we are able to serve faster because that way we know exactly what part you are looking for.

If the part has not yet been saved in our spare parts system, please provide as detailed information as possible about the spare part you are requesting (car brand, model year, fuel, etc.) using the contact form.

Image 2: The stock number can be found in the spare part's detailed information, where you can also send a spare part inquiry to our customer service. Based on the stock number, we can quickly find the part you are looking for.